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Learn English conversation

Welcome! You can practice real English conversations here. This site is for beginners, intermediate or more advanced students who want to master English conversation.

You can actually participate in these conversations by silencing one side of the conversation. In this way, you can join the conversation. It's a great way to practice, and a great way to improve your fluency. And, it's free! You can chat in English with real English conversation examples. So what are you waiting for? Here is a quick guide to the use of the site. You can return to this page by clicking the help image.

Just click on a conversation in the list on the right. Then, click the play button. You will hear both sides of the conversation.
When you are ready to practice, click one of the 'mute' buttons to silence one side of the conversation. Click play and get ready to talk!

If you need more time to speak, click the reply time control.

You can also pause after each part of the conversation by clicking the pause checkbox. Click the play button after you have finished speaking your part to hear the next part of the conversation.

The more you practice, the better your English. So make it part of your daily routine. Have fun.